Gomco Clamp


Fig. 2 Circumcision with the Gomco Clamp


The Gomco clamp is commonly used to perform circumcisions. It consists of three parts: a metal plate with a hole at one end, a round metal cap, and a screw device. The foreskin is first separated from the glans and cut lengthwise to expose the glans (A). Then the cap is placed over the glans (B). The foreskin is stretched up over the cap and tied securely to the cap handle (C). The hole at the end of the plate is placed over the cap and foreskin, and the flange on the handle is fitted into a groove in the screw device (D). Turning the screw device forces the cap against the hole and squeezes the foreskin. This squeezing prevents bleeding. The the foreskin is cut off (E). The clamp remains in place at least five minutes to allow for clotting before it is removed.