Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma

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Circumcision DVD


A professional investigative report of eight minutes, interviews with experts and parents, circumcision scenes.


Circumcision Procedure DVD



Shows complete procedure with Gomco clamp, fourteen minutes.


Circumcision: Breaking The Silence



An Evening Talk by Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.
Executive Director of the Circumcision Resource Center

CD with illustrations, sixty minutes

Do you know what impact circumcision has on men and male/female relationships? Results of the latest research are causing a closer look at this common, yet disregarded practice. A growing number of circumcised men are breaking the silence and expressing concerns about their own circumcision. What they have to say needs to be taken seriously. Some men have discovered a connection between their circumcision and adult feelings related to sexuality, women, self-esteem, and other issues. We will discuss exactly what circumcision is, short and long-term effects, psychological impacts on individuals and society, and healing approaches. This talk will be of particular interest to those who work with men’s issues, women who want to understand men better, and men who have issues relating to their sexuality. Circumcision may be the missing piece of the American male psychological puzzle.


The Psychological Impact of Circumcision



Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.

This journal article reports that circumcision results in behavioral changes in infants and long-term unrecognized psychological effects on men. The piece reviews the medical literature on infants’ responses to circumcision and concludes, “there is strong evidence that circumcision is overwhelmingly painful and traumatic.” The article notes that infants exhibit behavioral changes after circumcision, and some men have strong feelings of anger, shame, distrust, and grief about having been circumcised. In addition, circumcision has been shown to disrupt the mother-infant bond, and some mothers report significant distress after allowing their son to be circumcised. The motivation to circumcise and religious circumcision are also discussed.


Long-Term Psychological Effects of Circumcision



Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.

Presentation at a Symposium on Circumcision

CD, seventy minutes

This inquiry explores the application of innovative psychological theory and clinical experience to the circumcision event. Reports of birth and circumcision memories and their connection to adult behavior and psychopathology are discussed. Particular attention is focused on the concept of trauma.

A well-established clinical symptom model provides the basis for evaluating circumcision and its potential psychological effects on adults. Both the original event and subsequent emotional impact of learning about circumcision are interpreted relative to this model. Reports from circumcised men add support to the idea that circumcision has long-term psychological effects for at least some men. The apparent lack of these effects in most men is also addressed.