Lessons of Circumcision

We are wise to trust our intuition and experience more and “experts” less


lessonsOne of the most satisfying feelings we can have is that of making a real difference in the world. A very effective way to make a difference is to improve how we treat children. Studies show that forgoing circumcision benefits children. If we provide them with the proper environment and protect them from unnecessary pain, we can give them a better chance of being healthy adults who can create a better world. In this way we can make important contributions to social change when we make important child-rearing decisions. To improve the way we raise our children, we need to educate parents and others.

The benefits of raising awareness about circumcision also include valuable lessons for society:

1. Infants are real people, and early experience has long-term consequences.

2. Optimum childcare includes raising children to be who they really are rather than just being socially acceptable.

3. We need to pay more attention to the commonplace instead of the unusual.

4. Science is not “objective” but culturally influenced.

5. We are wise to trust our intuition and experience more and “experts” less.

6. We pay a high price for silence and denial.

7. Just as fear in speaking out is contagious, courage in speaking out is contagious.

8. It is critical that we empower ourselves and take action though we may be in a minority.

9. Our reluctance to accept our power is connected to our reluctance to accept our responsibility.

10. Progress depends on our accepting responsibility.