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Interview with Ronald Goldman, PhD

The video interview was recorded August 1, 2022 in Boston during a demonstration opposing circumcision by Bloodstained Men. The interviewer is Brother K, the founder of Bloodstained Men. Topics include why the American psychiatric community has not commented on circumcision, how to respond to people about circumcision, how Ronald Goldman, PhD became aware of his […]

Long-Term Psychological Effects of Circumcision

Presentation of Ronald Goldman at the Third International Symposium on Circumcision, College Park, MD. If you cannot remember your infancy, does this mean that infant experiences have no effects on infants and their later feelings and behavior? Can infants be traumatized? Ronald Goldman speaks about this and much more at the Third International Symposium on Circumcision. Goldman’s […]

Video Recording of Council of Europe Circumcision Debate Including Ronald Goldman, PhD

Excerpt of Ronald Goldman, PhD’s comments during Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Circumcision, Parliamentary Assembly, Strasbourg, France. The full debate can be watched below. Ron speaks at 35:07 into the video, and again at 1:27:15. Complete minutes of this meeting are available at Also, see our press release about the event here.