If Your Son is Intact

portrait of thinking baby boy

If you choose to keep your son whole, (not to circumcise your son), it is important to understand that many doctors are not aware of normal foreskin development because they were not taught about this in medical school. They may force the retraction of a young boy’s foreskin before it is ready. (Sometimes retraction doesn’t happen naturally until as late as adolescence.) Forcing the foreskin back can cause pain and injury. Talk to your doctor to be sure that your son’s foreskin will be left alone.

Before your son has an opportunity to see other boys’ penises, explain to him why some other penises may look different. Let him know that he has a natural, complete penis while some others may have had a part cut off. Tell him why you chose to keep his penis whole. With this knowledge, he will understand the difference and appreciate that he is intact.

If the foreskin does not retract by adolescence, please see the site of CIRP.org for more information.

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